If you’re planning on having a baby and want to know how to conceive a girl, the information in this post is an essential read for you. Follow this key recommendation for conceiving a little girl and the odds will be firmly stacked in your favour.

There are other things you can try doing to conceive the baby gender of your preference, but I suspect this piece of recommendation is the most urgent.
You need to understand your ovulation cycle and time your intercourse accordingly!

This tip is totally to baby gender selection. Understanding your ovulation cycle will allow you to envision exactly when you ovulate, and thus when to have intercourse in order to conceive a girl. Let me explain how this works.

The man produces two kinds of sperm. Chromosome Y sperm is male and his chromosome X sperm is female. So if you’re ardent on conceiving a little girl, you want to make certain his X sperm fertilize your egg. Sound easy, but how does one basically make sure that happens?

Well here is the secret you have to know. Y sperm swim faster than X sperm, but their exertions lead to a shorter life. This information is absolutely vital to gender selection. For instance, you would like a baby girl, so you want to be sure that you have intercourse several days before your day of ovulation, say 3 to 4 days before, and then stop!

If you follow this recommendation, the male Y sperm will have died off when you release your egg, and the X sperm that can live in your uterus for at least 4 days will be waiting to fertilize it! So now you can realize why it is so vital to know your ovulation date precisely. Conversely, if you wanted a little boy, you would only have sex a day or so before ovulation, so the faster swimming Y sperm could get to the egg first.

So now you know the fundamentals of the easy way to fall pregnant girl!

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