Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects and it can be achieved through the combination of physical, mental and social well-being.

Normally the person feel the value of his health when he lose it. We can lead a more active life when we remain healthy. We can avoid many complicated problems when we keep ourselves healthy.

Being a healthy does not necessarily means to have a huge muscles or to become fat. In my opinion, a healthy person is one who is physically as well as mentally fit and quite active in his everyday’s work.

The following article will guide you with few tips to remain healthy and fit.

Social Activity: A person’s health depends upon the social structure of his life. Maintaining a strong social relationship can lead to a good health, productivity, longevity as well as positive attitude.

Observations of daily living: Good health depends on the person’s active, passive as well as assisted observations of their everyday’s life. Try to go to your bed early and always eat the regular food on daily basis. Do not skip your meals, especially your breakfast. Breakfast should always includes the necessary nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates to revitalize your body and energy to keep you fit whole day.

Avoid too much drinking: Alcohol is believed to be good for control of heart diseases but excessive amounts of alcohol consumption can lead to various complications. Try to limit your alcohol intake to the weekends.

Hygiene: Hygiene includes various things like bathing, brushing, washing hands before eating, washing food before you eat, washing food preparation utensils before making the meals etc. By doing so, you can avoid many infectious diseases and illnesses.

Keep smiling: And the last but not the least point to be remembered is to have a cheerful outlook. It has been well said that it takes very few muscles in the face to create a smile and therefore translates to eternal youth.

Try these simple rules to remain healthy in your life….Health is just not about having healthy food but it also relates to healthy drink.

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