The effects of the uncomfortable condition that is shingles can be felt for many years by some people. So obviously the best way of coping with shingles is to avoid getting it in the first place. This may not always be possible but there are steps you can take for how to avoid getting shingles that should lower your risk.

- You cannot get shingles unless you have previously had chickenpox. The best way then to avoid getting shingles is to make sure that you don’t catch chickenpox. Getting the chickenpox vaccination when you are young is the best and most effective way to avoid this disease. You could also just avoid people with chickenpox although this will probably prove to be a little bit harder.

- Try to stay as healthy as you can. Chickenpox is more likely to develop in people who are run down. You are always going to be at more risk when your defences are down and having a healthy immune system should keep this condition away. Eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise will help to keep shingles away.

- Stress is another contributing factor to lowering your body’s defences. Managing your stress levels is a good idea so learning these skills is worth doing. It is generally believed that practices like yoga, tai-chi, and meditation are great stress busters. You will find it much easier to deal with stress if you make these a part of your life.

- If you are over the age of sixty and have had chickenpox in the past then it is recommended that you avail of the shingles vaccination. This will not guarantee that you won’t develop shingles but it should reduce the risk of it developing.

The above are just some of the ways that you can try to avoid getting shingles. You are more at risk of getting this condition if you have suffered from chickenpox in the past so the best way to keep it away is by staying healthy.

There are, obviously, many illnesses that can afflict a person, but one of the most unpleasant is shingles. It is not a pleasant illness to have, so it often pays to know about avoid shingles. Once you have verified you have the illness, you can get down to treating shingles.